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 Windows Vista - Official Thread

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Windows Vista - Official Thread Empty
PostSubject: Windows Vista - Official Thread   Windows Vista - Official Thread EmptyWed May 26, 2010 10:45 am

I got it from my MSDN subscription, what did all of you think of it if you seen it? I thought it was actually quite still has some errors but the longhorn alpha version was even worser, you couldn't even load the internet without it would be awesome if win vista like joins win xp media center 2005 then the speeds and the converting of movies would be fantastic....but I doubt they will ever do that, 2.4gb is the full size of win vista, and I think it's a waste of space, it can't do much. lol so what are your views on this new invenstion by the win it crap or is it good?

Windows Vista - Official Thread 2n80cir
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Windows Vista - Official Thread
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